Our small, friendly team of qualified and experienced teachers believe that happy children are the best learners. We aim to build confidence and raise self-esteem alongside raising academic abilities.

At Littleover Learning Hub we teach in small groups with no more than 5 pupils per teacher. Each session lasts for 1 hour and twenty minutes, which is broken down into different learning activities. We do teach for the full 80 minutes, some tutors advertise a 75 or 80 minute session but include a 10-15 minute break in this time. We find that our pupils are perfectly happy to have refreshments while they work and remain on task for the entire 80 minutes.

Every child receives a combination of 1-2-1 teaching time, computer activities, practical and paper-based activities. As the pupil: teacher ratio is much smaller than in the average classroom, children get more teacher attention and feel more confident to ask questions than they may do in the classroom environment. They are also able to develop their independent working skills and gain motivation from the small group they are working with.

We aim to teach each child in the way that suits them as much as possible; some children learn by doing and may benefit from educational games, some love technology and are highly motivated by using one of our hand held tablets.

All children love praise and rewards, and we ensure that the children work in a positive learning environment where their work is valued and they are given lots of praise for hard work, progress and achievement. Many of our parents comment on how much their child’s confidence has improved since they started coming for tuition.

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