For a number of reasons, many students don’t enjoy ‘scary’ Maths or “just don’t get it.”

Our Maths tuition works to teach, secure, practise and understand the many mathematical concepts students are taught in schools. Using a range of techniques, both computer and paper based, students learn and consolidate new skills and practice until they are fully confident in their usage and able to apply them to all different types of mathematical and real life situations. Building understanding develops confidence and students are keen to demonstrate their understanding in school lessons with greater confidence.

At Littleover Learning Hub we have a extensive range of resources and activities that cater for a wide variety of learning styles and needs, whether pupils need support or more of a challenge. As experienced teachers we have selected resources, which we know to be effective and engaging for different age ranges.

We understand that Maths can cause some pupils considerable anxiety and stress, and we therefore try to put fun back into this subject and always ensure that our teaching reinforces confidence and a positive ‘can do’ attitude.

There are many concepts that students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of, which include:

  • Mental Maths
  • Shape and Space
  • Calculations
  • Word Problems
  • Fractions / Decimals / Percentages
  • Measures
  • Ratios
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Time
  • Place Value
  • Data
  • Money and more!

“After much research, we decided to go with Gesine and the Littleover Learning Hub. The results speak for themselves. D’s school teachers are now praising him for his attitude and effort. He is much more focussed, motivated and equipped with a whole new set of learning tools and skills. His concentration has improved so much! Gesine has not only helped my son to greatly improve his level of attainment, but manage to teach him to have a totally different approach to ‘work’! Gesine is warm, friendly and caring, and has seen a talent in D. that I never knew existed!”