Every child is unique with their own individual learning style and responds best when these individualities are respected and nurtured.

Some children find it more difficult to grasp concepts and develop the confidence to work with independence and understanding, so their progress can be slower than expected.

At Littleover Learning Hub we appreciate the uniqueness of every individual student and each session is planned to meet the needs of the student. Sometimes there may be a specific reason (ASD, ADHD, ED/BD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia) that progress is slower than we would usually expect. Whilst we are not here to make a diagnosis, we are keen to work alongside your child’s school to identify any difficulties and establish methods to help overcome them. It’s useful if we all work together to ensure consistency for the student.

We welcome all students and have experienced staff to implement many different learning styles. Having a specific learning need does not exclude any child from accessing a learning journey; at Littleover Learning Hub we will ensure the adequate provision is available to ensure every student can learn and make progress suitable to their individual requirements.

If you think your child could benefit from a different learning style, please get in touch.